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Cedar Creek practices an open, non-discriminatory admissions policy. Now enrolling grades PK-12!

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Application for New PK-12 Students

(Pay $105 application fee and securely upload all documents online.) 

Parent Questionnaires (Please select incoming grade.) 

Parent Questionnaire (Pre-K and K)  
Parent Questionnaire (Grades 1-5)
Parent Questionnaire (Grades 6-12)

2023-24 Tuition and Fees 

How do I become a Cedar Creek Cougar? 

  • Complete the Application for Admission and Parent Questionnaire
  • Forward teacher and principal Recommendation Forms to the appropriate parties
  • Cedar Creek will contact you for an academic screening appointment (Grades K-12)
  • Application packet goes to the Admissions Committee for review*
  • Once student is admitted, return enrollment packet with tuition and fees payment

*Applications are accepted year round. To be considered in the first round of decisions, applications should be received by March 1. Decisions for late admissions will be based on completion of the application process and available space. 

Considerations for Admission to Cedar Creek

In evaluating an applicant and making admissions decisions, the following are considered:

  • Class size and available space
  • Student grades and standardized test scores
  • Academic screening and interview 
  • Academic and extracurricular interests of the applicant
  • Academic and personal recommendations
  • Alumni and/or sibling relations

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Questions? Call Sherri White, Director of Enrollment Management, at (318) 255-7707 or email