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Varsity Softball

State Champions

Cedar Creek's softball team has dominated the state competition,
winning three state championships out of the past four years.

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  • 2021

2021 Schedule

03-02-20214:30 pmLakesideLakeside JV
03-02-20216:00 pmLakesideLakeside V
03-05-2021TBAAlexandriaAlexandria Tournament
03-06-2021TBAAlexandriaAlexandria Tournament
03-09-20214:30 pmSt. FredSt. Fred JV
03-09-20216:00 pmSt. FredSt. Fred V
03-10-20214:30 pmWest OuachitaEvangel
03-11-20214:30 pmCedar CreekDelhi
03-12-2021TBASterlingtonOuachita Tournament
03-13-2021TBASterlingtonOuachita Tournament
03-16-20214:30 pmCedar CreekOCS JV
03-16-20216:00 pmCedar CreekOCS V
03-18-20214:30 pmDelta CharterDelta Charter
03-20-202112:00 pmCedar CreekEvangel
03-20-20214:00 pmWest OuachitaWest Ouachita
03-23-20214:30 pmCedar CreekOak Grove JV
03-23-20216:00 pmCedar CreekOak Grove V
03-25-20214:30 pmCedar CreekLakeside JV
03-25-20216:00 pmCedar CreekLakeside V
03-26-2021TBACedar CreekCaroline Menzina Tournament
03-27-2021TBACedar CreekCaroline Menzina Tournament
03-30-2021TBANorth DesotoNorth Desoto
04-01-20214:30 pmCedar CreekSterlington JV
04-01-20216:00 pmCedar CreekSterlington V
04-06-20215:30 pmManghamMangham
04-08-20215:00 pmHaughtonHaughton
04-09-2021TBASt. Julien ParkSelect School Tournament
04-10-2021TBASt. Julien ParkSelect School Tournament
04-12-20214:30 pmCedar CreekQuitman
04-13-20214:30 pmWest OuachitaWest Ouachita
04-15-20215:30 pmMenardMenard

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