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High School

Educating students to be leaders in our region, nation, and world is the culmination of Cedar Creek's mission. Our high school curriculum builds on the foundation of our strong middle and elementary school programs to prepare graduates for college and beyond. 

High School students enroll in a State of Louisiana and TOPS-aligned core curriculum (English, mathematics, science, history, foreign language) with a wide range of elective and enrichment options including art, robotics, introduction to engineering, and creative writing.  Our Guidance Services department meets annually with each student to develop and refine the individual course sequence. 

Academic course offerings
Cedar Creek offers three levels of instruction for students in core courses: Grade-level (college-preparatory), Honors, and Advanced Honors/Advanced Placement (AP). 

Dual Enrollment
Through our partnership with Louisiana Tech University, Cedar Creek provides 14 Dual Enrollment courses with a total of nearly 50 potential college credit hours for students. 

Clubs and organizations
In addition to our exceptional academic programs, we are committed to challenging students to examine and develop core values, serve their community, and exercise leadership. This is accomplished through a wide range of extracurricular activities and service opportunities. 

Class trips
Each high school class grade attends a dedicated retreat every year in addition to participating in school-wide activities such as Homecoming and course field trips. High school students have the opportunity to participate in trips to New York and/or Europe (Spain, France) in alternating years.