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Ways to Give

Cedar Creek School was founded on a tradition of individual philanthropy. Donors that carefully plan their gift can receive substantial tax savings and satisfaction during their lifetime. Planning your gift may also allow you to make a larger gift than you might otherwise be able to give through a pledged or cash gift.

The information below is intended to serve as a guide to the many opportunities available for our donors to invest in the future of Cedar Creek.

Gifts may given in many forms:

Cash Gifts are most common. Payment may be made by credit card or check. Gifts postmarked by December 31st are fully tax-deductible for that year.

Pledges allow contributions to be paid over a period of several months (Annual Giving) or years (Capital Campaigns). Contact the Development Office for more information.

Matching Gifts are often available from employers and can double or even triple your contribution. Please inquire if your employer has a matching gift program. The Development Office can assist with the process.

Gifts of common stocks allow the donor to receive fair market value of appreciated securities at the time that the gift is made, therefore avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock.

Real estate gifts provide a considerable savings in capital gains tax due upon the sale of appreciated property. The donor also receives a charitable deduction for the market value of the property.

Gifts in Kind such as computers, athletic equipment, office furniture, educational supplies and materials are always welcome.

Always consult your attorney, accountant, or tax advisor to find the options that are most appropriate for your personal financial situation.