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About Cedar Creek

Our MissionFF5thgrade1920-1011socmed.jpg

Cedar Creek School seeks to provide a superior college preparatory educational experience to students in North Central Louisiana based on the highest standards of academic excellence and personal conduct.

Our Vision

Cedar Creek School supports its mission by maintaining high expectations for student achievement and by focusing on and improving student learning through school wide goals, a rigorous curriculum, and diversified instructional strategies.

Our Statement of Intent

As did the founding fathers of this country, the incorporators of Cedar Creek School did so with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence. Specifically, they believed then, and now, that the most important lesson ever to be taught is the reliance and belief in the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although no such belief is required of any instructor or student, nevertheless, it has been and will remain the policy of Cedar Creek School to promote such Christian values, but acknowledge the existence of certain opposing views by others. In addition, the school has and shall continue to enlist the support and participation of Christian teachers, speakers, programs and music, as well to encourage prayer and the invocation of God in all its endeavors.

In the selection of textbooks, the content shall be evaluated in light of such principles and a reasonable balance shall be sought so that students learn and be aware of non-Christian beliefs but that equal or greater time is spent in promoting Christian beliefs.

The intent of this statement is to make it clear that divine Providence was sought in the incorporation and organization of Cedar Creek School and that it is believed that it will survive and endure only so long as its staff and teachers continue to seek divine guidance and direction in every aspect of its programs and activities.

Founding Fathers,
Cedar Creek School

Our Student Purpose Statement

We, the students at Cedar Creek, strive to uphold the motto of Super Omnia by utilizing our God-given abilities to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities offered to us as we seek knowledge and pursue excellence in our personal conduct and all our endeavors.