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High School Basketball

Cedar Creek Basketball  is available to elementary students through Pee Wee sports, MS, and HS students. 

Julie Riser, Pee Wee

Blake Duncan, MS 

Lance Waldron, HS



2022-2023 Schedule

10-20-2022TBAAwayHaynesville Scrimmage (VG)
10-25-2022TBAAwayUnion HOF (VB)
10-29-2022TBARHSOfficials Scrimmage (VG, VB)
11-01-20224:00 pmAwayWest Ouachita Scrimmage (JVG, VG, VB)
11-10-20225:30 pmAwayWest Ouachita HOF (VG)
11-15-20225:00 pmCedar CreekGlenbrook (JVG, VG)
11-17-20225:00 pmCedar CreekSterlington (JVG, VG, VB)
11-21-20225:00 pmCedar CreekQuitman (JVG, VG, VB)
11-22-20225:00 pmCedar CreekWest Ouachita (JVG, VG)
11-29-20225:00 pmAwayClaiborne Christian (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
12-01-2022TBAAwayQuitman Tournament (VG, VB)
12-02-2022TBAAwayQuitman Tournament (VG, VB)
12-03-2022TBAAwayQuitman Tournament (VG, VB)
12-05-20225:00 pmAwayGlenbrook (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
12-08-2022TBACedar CreekNeil Kilgore Tourn. (VG, VB)
12-09-2022TBACedar CreekNeil Kilgore Tourn. (VG, VB)
12-10-2022TBACedar CreekNeil Kilgore Tourn. (VG, VB)
12-12-20225:00 pmAwaySterlington (JVG, VG, VB)
12-16-20225:00 pmAwayQuitman (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
12-27-2022TBAAwaySterlington Tourn. (VB)
12-28-2022TBAAwaySterlington Tourn. (VB)
12-29-20225:00 pmAwayFCCS (VG, VB)
01-03-20235:00 pmAwayCalvin (JVB, VG, VB)
01-05-20235:00 pmCedar CreekWest Ouachita (JVG, JVB
01-06-20235:00 pmCedar CreekSaline (JVB, VG, VB)
01-09-20235:00 pmAwayLincoln Prep (JVB, VG, VB)
01-10-20235:00 pmCedar CreekClaiborne Christian (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
01-13-20235:00 pmCedar CreekOCS (JVB, VG, VB)
01-16-20235:00 pmAwaySaline (JVB, VG, VB)
01-20-20235:00 pmAwaySt. Freds (JVB, VG, VB)
01-24-20235:00 pmCedar CreekRiver Oaks (JVB, VG, VB)
01-26-20235:00 pmAwayWest Ouachita (JVG, JVB)
01-27-20235:00 pmCedar CreekLincoln Prep (JVB, VG, VB)
01-31-20235:00 pmAwayOCS (JVB, VG, VB)
02-03-20236:00 pmCedar CreekFCCS (VG, VB)
02-07-20235:00 pmCedar CreekSt. Freds (JVB, VG, VB)
02-09-20235:00 pmAwayRiver Oaks (JVB, VG, VB)
02-17-20235:00 pmAwayUnion (JVB,VB)