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Do you have the legal right to work in the United States? *
Have you ever been convicted of any crime? *

Are you under contract? *

Please list your high school, college, graduate work or special training. Include the name of the school, course, degree, year graduated and credit.

Applicant must have official transcript of undergraduate work and graduate work forwarded to this office as part of this application. Give full and accurate dates regarding your teaching experience, trade, or other professional experience. Include Name of school and location, grades/subjects taught or position, dates from and to and number of years.

Please list 5 references and their telephone numbers. Include superintendents, principals, supervisors, and college professors who have first hand knowledge of your teaching ability, character, and personality.

This application will be placed on file for consideration when vacancies arise. It should be complete and accurate in every detail. Any falsification of this information can result in disqualification or dismissal.

IF HIRED, according to the Louisiana Handbook Bulletin 741, "Any employee hired after September 30, 1987, must request in writing, a criminal history review through the Department of Public Safety on the form prepared by the Bureau of Criminal Identification." The cost of the fingerprinting and background check is $60.00.

Thank you for your application.

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