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Now enrolling for 2020-21!


Lauren Warren, Pre-Kindergarten

Mallory Hall, Pre-Kindergarten

Meagan Stephenson, Pre-Kindergarten

Connie Eagles, Teaching Assistant

Cindy Russell, Teaching Assistant

Amanda Wall, Teaching Assistant

Anna Lewis, Teaching Assistant

Christi Cage, Teaching Assistant

Amy May, Teaching Assistant

Mary Aulds, Kindergarten

Amanda Barham, Kindergarten

Rachael Cheatwood, Kindergarten

Amber Halbrook, 1st Grade

Cheryl Sullivan, 1st Grade

Michal-Jean Storms, 1st Grade

Amy Johnston, 2nd Grade

Sherri White, 2nd Grade

Gina Palmer, 2nd Grade

Sarah Walsworth, 3rd Grade

Brooke Martin, 3rd Grade

Kim Klug, 3rd Grade

Allison Rufleth, 4th Grade Language

Leslie Bridges, 4th Grade Math and Grammar

Tracie Rugg, 4/5th Grade Social Studies

Dana Milam, 4th/5th Grade Science

Sarah Pender, 5th Grade Math

Kayla Winham, 5th Grade English/Reading

Kathy Durrett, Elementary Librarian

Mary Anne Hill, Elementary Music

Kay Laningham, Elementary/MS Spanish

Emily Pullin, Elementary Art

Sunny Moon, Elementary and MS Computers

Paul George, 6th Grade English/Reading

Angela Mitchell, 6th Grade Math/Science

Bonnie Singleton, 7th Grade English/Reading

Susan Yepson, 7th Grade Math and Accounting

Jacob Angevine, 8th Grade English/Reading

Hillary Willeford, MS/HS Math

Memrie Lolley, MS/HS Math

Marilyn Hyams, HS Math

Charles Patterson, HS Math

Laura Smith, HS Math

Jeff Pike, Engineering

Christy Mabou, MS/HS Science

Jeannie Reynolds, MS/HS Science

Kristi Pike, HS Science

Scott Sutton, HS Science

Brad Morace, HS Science

Brian Barron, Physics, Computer Science

Marisa Gleason, MS/HS English

Jill Myers, MS/HS English

Kirby Brasher, HS English/Speech

Beckie Huckaby, HS English/Speech

Alison Amidon, HS English

Leeanne Bordelon, HS English

Caty Simmons, Business

Mark Ware, MS Social Studies/Football

Audri McCready, MS Social Studies/HS English/HS Math

Gene Vandenlangenberg, MS Social Studies & PE, Head Girls Basketball coach

Jennifer Haley, HS Social Studies

Tim Smith, HS Social Studies

Tyler Mann, HS Social Studies/MS Boys Basketball coach

Elizabeth Walker, MS/HS Art

Anna Marie Weis, HS Art

Cindy Hockenjos, Fine Arts Music

Stephanie Viator, HS French

Zach Johnston, HS Spanish

Julie Riser, Physical Education

Nicole Barron, PE Department/MS Head Girls Basketball coach

Robert Mitcham, Head HS Boys Basketball coach

Kelly Pike, Computer & RenWeb

Sandra Stokley, Librarian

Kasey Stringer, Yearbook, Digital Media


Donna Kirkland, Receptionist

Amy Neuroth, Office Manager/Assistant to the Principal

Mandy Bush, Elementary Secretary

Laurie Robinson, Athletic and MS/HS Secretary

Paula Dowling, Registrar/Student Records

Janet Linder, Bookkeeper

Kori Pardue, IT

Ginger Pearce, Advancement Office Assistant and School Nurse

Lee Aycock, Resource Officer

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