2018 Court

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Tobie Bimle

Annamari Farrar

Sarah Katherine McCallum

Anna Larr Roberson

Brennan Roberts

Kinslee Spatafora

Heather Wilhite

Letters from the court's teachers

Tobie Bimle


It seems as though it was just a few short years ago instead of twelve that the littlest Bimle girl made her debut performance in front of the entire school.  Tobie Bimle was a darling little thing, and I knew right away we would be friends. She was the star of the show as she sang and danced her heart out to “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”! 

I have many memories of Tobie Bimle during the years we’ve know each other.  Far too many to count! Almost  as far back as  I can remember, the Bimle girls have been a sweet part of my life. I was privileged to teach Tobie through some of the “toughest spelling aches” ever.  In elementary, Tobie was known to have reoccurring “spelling stomach aches” and,  according to her, she needed Mrs. Williams to call her mom because she thought she needed to go home.  Of course, having Cynthia for a mom meant that she had to tough it out at school.  Eventually, she grew out of her “spelling aches,” but Amy J and I still laugh when we think about it. 

I’ve spent just as many summer cheer camps with Tobie as I have with my own children.  Tobie began coming to summer cheer camps with us while her older sister was a cheerleader. I’m not sure what it will be like to not have a Bimle girl around, but I am certain I will miss it! This past summer, as Tobie’s final summer cheer camp came to a close, she was given the “Pin-It Forward” Leadership Award by UCA staff; she received an invitation from UCA to try out for a staff position; and she was selected for All-American Cheerleader. All those years of summer cheer camp had a huge pay off for Tobie. We could not have been prouder for her!

Tobie is one of those people you just know you will love from the moment you meet her.  From an early age Tobie exuded immense humbleness, gentle grace, and an inner beauty far beyond her years. These inspiring qualities are what make Tobie a  gentle and humble leader as Varsity Cheer Captain.  Tobie is a positive role model to young girls watching her cheer for the Cougars during pep rallies and sporting events.  Her kind and gentle nature are rare assets that earn admiration from the youngest to the oldest.  Tobie naturally stepped into a leadership role with steadfast fairness and an astounding sense of duty to make those around her respect and honor her. She is considerate of the thoughts and feelings of others. She listens to concerns and encourages input from others to solve problems. She is reliably the first to volunteer her time and talents to accomplish and exceed any goal she has her mind and heart set on. 

Before the summer paint days began, Tobie took on the task of scrubbing paint off the cheer room floor from past paint days. Throughout the long, hot, summer day with no air conditioning, she worked and worked until she finally got it all up.  It was no small task!  It took many trips up and down stairs to get water for scrubbing, and it was exhausting work.  She didn’t do it for the glory and praise; that isn’t her style. She recognized the need and took it upon herself to do the work so that summer paint days would start off with fresh and clean. She has a willful drive to make whatever she does the best, and she strives for greatness in all that she does.

Tobie, it has been an absolute joy to watch you grow to be the poised, beautiful, and kind young lady you are today. Your everlasting, joyful spirit is evident in how you treat those around you with respect and worth.  I am beyond proud of you!  You truly radiate the admirable qualities members of Cedar Creek’s Homecoming Court should have with grace and integrity.  God created you for greatness and I know you will do BIG things! Thank you for being you! Always remember that you are treasured!

Love ya, Doll,

Mrs. Kim Klug

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Annamari Farrar

AnnamariAnnamari Farrar was just starting high school in the fall of 2015 — the year I taught my first classes at Cedar Creek. I was delighted by the personalities of those ninth graders, and Annamari was sweet and kind almost to a fault. A few days into the school year, for example, I realized to my embarrassment that I had been mispronouncing her name. She never said a word.

One of the rewards of teaching is watching students grow into intellectual and emotional maturity. I have had the privilege of getting to know Annamari and her family, and I have watched her walk through big and small moments: cheering on the Cougars, hanging out with friends, persisting through challenging AP coursework, representing Cedar Creek at HOBY and Girls State, being honored with this court nomination.

It is no surprise that Annamari, friendly and compassionate, is beloved by her classmates. At the same time, she is profoundly realistic about her own performance and is one of the most resilient students I know. Behind her exceptional high school career is an equally exceptional work ethic; she handles success and disappointment with characteristic grit.

Annamari recently wrote about the lessons in determination she has learned as a cross country athlete:

“I know when I begin my next phase of life I will remember every time I began a workout with the idea of ‘I can’t.’ Then I will remember every time that my feet crossed the finish line … and I will tell myself, ‘I can.’”

This “can do” spirit is Annamari’s legacy at Cedar Creek, an example for others who may aspire to walk (or run) in her footsteps. Annamari, I am honored to have been a small part of your high school experience and am so proud of the person you have become!


Mrs. B (Leeanne Bordelon)

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Sarah Katherine McCallum


“So often the students you are trying to inspire end up inspiring you.”  I am unsure whom to attribute this quote, but I have lived the truth of it.  I have worked with many talented students as Ambassadors and FBLA officers and members, and this includes Sarah Katherine McCallum.  I am honored that of all the gifted instructors Cedar Creek has, she asked me to write this reflection. 

I am inspired by Sarah Katherine because she always has a smile on her face, a kind word to say and, literally, a bounce in her step!  Serving as an Ambassador is a natural fit for Sarah Katherine because it is an embodiment of who she truly is.  She never hesitates to be warm and welcoming - to her fellow ambassadors, to new students or to prospective families.  I can trust that the school’s reputation is in good hands when I ask her to give a tour, talk with alumni or lead a discussion group with prospective families. 

I’ve also had the privilege of watching “SK” grow in FBLA.  She is a tough competitor on the regional, state and national stage.  She is undaunted and unwilling to give it less than her very best.  And when that very best lands her on the stage with an award in her hand as it did in Atlanta in 2016, we cheered and when her very best fell short as it did in Anaheim in 2017, I know she consoled me more than I did her.  Always her best effort, always true to our school’s moto, Super Omnia.  

Sarah Katherine is involved in many other activities of course, including Key Club, French Club, Drama Club, the Strauss Youth Academy for the Performing Arts as well as many community service activities.  When I asked SK what one or two activities she was most proud of, she said FBLA because the opportunity to practice public speaking has increased her confidence and benefited so many other areas of her life.  She also said Emerald Entertainers because being on the dance line has required that she push herself beyond what she thought were her “natural” talents. 

I lift my eyes up to the mountains, where does my help come from?  It comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:1-2.  Sarah Katherine is very clear about where her help comes from and she doesn’t hesitate to share her faith with others.  Her affiliation with FCA and her church involvement are of great importance to her.

And so, I offer my heartfelt congratulations, Queen Sarah Katherine McCallum.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to reflect and for sharing your journey with me.

With much love and respect,

Mrs. Everett                                                    

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Anna Larr Roberson


I first met Anna Larr in August 2013 when she walked into my seventh grade American history class and claimed her seat on the far left row, three desks from the front. I remember this specifically because she makes a lasting first impression. When meeting Anna Larr for the first time, it is evident to anyone that she is an athlete.

My first impression of Anna Larr has been confirmed many times since her seventh grade year. As her basketball coach for the past three seasons, I am amazed at her God-given talent and abilities, but I am also equally impressed with her dedicated work ethic and desire to improve her skills and help her team achieve its goals. Anna Larr has established herself as a competitor who can raise the level of play and make her team better. It is not unusual to find her running on the track after practice or returning to the gym to work on her game. This desire and dedication to constantly improve her skills has resulted not only in success for the Lady Cougars basketball program, but also in Anna Larr receiving accolades including All-Area for the past three years, All-State for the past two years, and most recently, several Division 1 scholarship offers.

Anna Larr’s talents are not limited to the basketball court; she also shines on the diamond as the Lady Cougar’s All-State catcher. Anna Larr and the Lady Cougars are three-time state champions since winning in 2014 and then back-to-back in 2017 and 2018.

Obviously, Anna Larr has already left her mark as a successful athlete in the history of Cedar Creek School. However, her successful athletic high school career is not all that defines her. Anna Larr is an honor roll student who is a member of National Honor Society, French Club, Key Club, Drama Club, and FBLA. She spends much of her time during the fall serving as a manager for varsity football. Additionally, she and her family are active members of Temple Baptist Church.

After coaching Anna Larr for the past three years, several things about her character stand out to me. First of all, I am impressed with her courage to be her own person and true to her faith. And secondly, her love for her family is very evident. It is a pleasure to see her parents, brothers, and grandparents in the stands supporting her and the team. I believe her individuality and family support have together shaped her into the confident, well-rounded young lady who is destined for a bright future.

Anna Larr, it has been my pleasure to coach you for the past three years, and I look forward to watching you and the Lady Cougars in the upcoming season. Congratulations on the honor of being selected to the Homecoming Court. I know you will find the path that God has planned for your future. And as always, I will be one of your biggest fans!


Coach Van

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Brennan Roberts


A little over three years ago, a little freshman girl walked into the first Thursday Morning Bible Study of the year and announced to me, "Hi, I'm Brennan!"  For the next three years, Brennan hardly ever missed FCA or Bible Study, stealing my heart in the process!  Now that she's a Senior, Brennan Marie is a beautiful young lady and is President of the FCA, the organization that sponsors the Bible Study.  When she was elected to the Homecoming Court, I was thrilled when Brennan asked me to write her Homecoming article because it gives me the opportunity to reflect and write about a person that I have come to love and admire greatly.

How would I describe Brennan Marie Roberts?  Brennan is one of the most passionate people that I know.  Strength and courage are two of her characteristics, but love  defines her.  Brennan is full of love and compassion and she loves deeply!  What are some of the objects of her love?  She loves God and God's Word with all her heart: she loves her family and her friends and her classmates; she loves Cedar Creek School; she loves FCA and the Bible Study; she loves animals and children - little girls are drawn to her like a magnet!  She loves Chick-Fil-A and snow cones; she loves Camp Ozark in Mt. Ida, Arkansas; she loves the beach; for some reason, she says that she even loves me!  

Brennan is very intelligent: she is much smarter than she yet realizes - but she will discover that fact one day.  She aced my Honors American History class, having the highest grade in both classes. There is a generous measure of wisdom mixed in with that intelligence.  Unlike many of her peers, Brennan gets it that she is a work in progress.  She looks forward with anticipation to what God has in store for her tomorrow - but not so much so that she misses the beauty within each minute of today.  Brennan tries to squeeze the joy out of every moment of life and soak up the lessons God offers to her!  And something that I find to be fascinating: in this day of video games, social media, and the internet, Brennan loves to read! She reads books!  

When you see Brennan, you are going to see her smiling or laughing!  She has a wonderful sense of humor and she loves to laugh, but never at the expense of someone else!  She's much too polite for that, but she has an uncanny ability to find the humor in most situations.  As often as not, she is laughing at herself.  However, one would never mistake Brennan for a scoffer or a clown.  She is an encourager!  She carries herself with a strong sense of purpose and with calm dignity and poise.  Put those last few sentences together and it equals Proverbs 31:25: "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs without fear of the future."  What an apt description of Brennan Marie Roberts!

Brennan Marie, congratulations on being elected to Cedar Creek's Homecoming Court.  I am so happy for you and so, so proud of you!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for you as you continue on your growth journey with Him. I thank God that He has allowed me to be a part of that journey. Thank you very much for asking me to write this "thingy!"  I respect you greatly, I admire you very much, and I love you deeply!

Coach Barmore

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Kinslee Spatafora

SpataforaI consider it an honor and a privilege to have been asked to share about Kinslee Spatafora.  I have had the opportunity to coach Kinslee for the past few years in cross country where she has excelled as a runner and leader.  She is a natural born leader and was our co-captain her junior year and our current captain.  I find Kinslee to be confident, intelligent, athletic, determined, goal-oriented, selfless, and, all the while, extremely humble.   Kinslee has a radiant beauty that is seen in her eyes and smile.   She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Kinslee is the epitome of a true student athlete who never complains or whines, does what is expected, plus more, and does it with a graceful demeanor.

Cedar Creek is noted for our stringent curriculum, and Kinslee has excelled in her acadamics! While taking Honors and AP classes, her GPA is a perfect 4.0, however, taking into account the difficulty of her classes and weighting them, her GPA is an amazing 4.60!  She is an amazing student that embodies Cedar Creek. 

I have always been highly impressed with Kinslee’s work ethic, her loving nature, her infectious enthusiasm, and her ability to be able to multi-task all of her activities, while doing it all with a spirited and energetic attitude.  In addition to her incredible academic achievements, she is actively involved with many other extracurricular activities:  she is an accomplished pianist, for which she has been awarded Superior ratings the past eight years; and she is a member of our softball team; involved with the creative writing club, the environmental science club, Spanish club, Key Club, FBLA, and a cheerleader.  Her awards and accolades from these extracurricular activities are abundant.  She strives for perfection, but what I love most about Kinslee is her loving and caring nature for people.

Coaching Kinslee the past few years has been a joy and an honor, and I will truly remember her for character and leadership.  She is someone that I can communicate with and know that I can rely on her commitment to lead and be the captain our team needs.  She is the consummate team player whom I trust completely to make sure that the tasks we are working on are completed to the best of our teams capabilities.  Kinslee has an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations, and she has been the ultimate joy to coach and lead our girls team.

Kinslee, God has amazing plans for you, and I can say with confidence that she can and will be anything that she sets her heart, mind and soul to.  I thank you for your commitment, your heart and your desire to be the best person you can be.  You are and will be a success in wherever God takes you.  I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have been a part of  Kinslee’s life and share in her high school memories.  You have a place in my heart and memories as well.  I wish you joy, love and success. Much love to you Kinslee! 

God Bless, Coach Craig Moss

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Heather Wilhite

WilhiteImagine a CEO – a chief executive officer – running a company. Add a touch of panache and sophistication to your image. Next, think of a kind-hearted friend, one who could make you laugh with her quips and uncanny observations. Now, you have Heather Wilhite.

I knew when Heather joined the yearbook staff last year, she was going to do a great job (her sister, Hope, was a great asset, too). Now, as the editor, she is coming into full stride. She never says no to any task asked of her. Not only does she exceptionally execute whatever job is given her, she also is a self-starter, finding things that need to be done without being asked. Such a rare quality, for which I am most grateful! 

One thing you’ll notice right way about Heather is she works with a quiet efficiency. She’s never boisterous or complaining, despite a successful academic career and full plate of high school activities. She volunteers her time with various non-profit groups and has been involved in track, cheerleading, Key Club, FBLA and the Drama Club.

Heather goes about all these endeavors without seeking recognition for her hard work. This summer, Heather really stepped up when she helped finish the yearbook, taking her own time to help proof pages and recruiting another to join us. I’ve said on many occasions, Heather could put out the book by herself – she’s that talented. Yet, she also works well with the yearbook team, helping her fellow students learn the software and lending advice and guidance on how to get their jobs done well.

One thing I know for certain is that whatever Heather sets her mind to be or do, she will be successful at it. I’m fairly certain Heather will be one of those people about whom we will say, “I knew her in high school. We knew she was going to be a success.”

I try to tell my “children”  (I think of them as an extension of my family) that God has given them many gifts. He certainly has given many to Heather: poise, beauty, vitality, compassion, intelligence … I could name many more.  It has been such a blessing to have her in yearbook, and I am looking forward to seeing her at all the Homecoming activities and to her completing what I’m sure will be a successful senior year.   

Mrs. Liz Craft

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