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2021 Court

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Letters from the court's teachers


Sarah Adams


You don’t just meet Sarah Adams; she storms into your life like a whirlwind. She is blessed with an infectious, unquenchable enthusiasm for life, and my life is richer since her smile showed up in my camera viewfinder years ago. As a freshman student, she showed up in my class with almost more questions than I could answer, and she never let me get away with leaving any topic with a vague or uncertain statement. Sarah began to make me a better teacher. As just an eighth grader, Sarah earned her way into a starting position on the Lady Cougars varsity basketball team that was already stacked with talent. Her relentless drive in the pursuit of excellence is maybe most evident in sports; it is impossible not to be impressed with her achievement in basketball and softball. I began calling her “Dinger” when the only question was not if she hit a home run, but “how many home runs?” did she launch in the latest game.  Sarah has earned almost every honor that can be awarded to a high school athlete, yet her quest for excellence and improvement continues. She even decided on a whim, to try her hand at track and field and competed at the district and regional meet where she earned a trip to the state championship meet in Baton Rouge.
It might be easy for someone to be impressed, even overwhelmed, with Sarah as a high school athlete, but it is only a part of who she is. With a smile that lights up any room, her energy radiates. That energy spreads in a classroom just as it does on the court or the field.  Her academic resume’ is proof that she works just as hard in class as in the sports arena.
Remarkably, Sarah still finds the time and energy to mentor younger girls and encourage them to excel in basketball, softball, and life.
As well as being my student, Sarah is also my friend. Some of her friends may tell you that position isn’t always easy, because she will also hold you to the same high standards she sets for herself. As I was composing this, I had the chance to see and hear her share her testimony of faith and encouragement to a gathered group of students, faculty, and parents. It is obvious that her faith and her family are the solid rock on which her life is based.
When Sarah told me that she was selected as Homecoming Queen, I felt the joy and pride of a parent, and I could not have been more honored when Sarah asked me to write this for her.
The students made a great choice.  Sarah Adams is exceptional in so many ways, academically and athletically, of course, but also as a model of inspiration. I know that every young girl at Cedar Creek looks at Sarah as a role model for everything they would like to be. As Homecoming Queen that image becomes more complete.
Sarah, you are truly deserving of every honor that has been thrown your way, I could not be prouder or more pleased to be your teacher and your friend, and I know that you will never let me settle for being anything less than my best. I thank you!
Tim Smith 


Faith Johnson

I consider it an honor and a privilege to have been asked to share about Faith Johnson.  I have had the opportunity to coach Faith for the past seven years in cross country and track where she has transcended all expectations as a runner, leader, and captain. God created Faith to be leader, nurturer, and mentor; and those traits have served her well as our Captain her senior year.  I find Faith to be confident, intelligent, athletic, determined, goal oriented, selfless, all the while extremely humble.   Faith has a radiant beauty inside and out that is seen in her eyes, her brilliant smile, and warmth of her heart.   Faith is the epitome of a true student athlete who never complains or whines, does what is expected, plus more, and does it with a graceful demeanor.
Cedar Creek is noted for our stringent curriculum, and Faith has excelled in her academics!  She is diligent with her studies and exerts a significant amount of time in each of her classes to prepare for college.    Faith aspires to be a nurse and will make a caring and loving one who genuinely cares for her patients.  Faith is an amazing student athlete who embodies Cedar Creek. 
I have always been inspired by Faith’s work ethic, her loving nature, her infectious enthusiasm and her ability to be able to multi-task all of her activities, while doing it all with a humbling, spirited, and energetic attitude.  Faith is involved with various extracurricular activities such as:  FCA, Kindness Club, Cougar Ambassadors, Quota Club, National Honor Society, and Medical Club. She strives for perfection, but what I love most about Faith  is her genuine love for others,  the empathy she shows, her stand for right and wrong, and allowing God to be her guide.  She is rooted in her beliefs and she allows God’s light to be seen through her.
Being able to be Faith’s coach for the past seven years has  been a joy and an honor.   I will truly remember her for her character, integrity, love and leadership.   She is someone that I can communicate with and know that I can rely on because she is committed to lead and be the captain that our team needs.  She is the consummate team player who I trust completely to make sure that the tasks we are working on are completed to the best of our teams capabilities.  Faith has an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations and she has been the ultimate joy to coach and lead our girls team.  She has always put others and the team above herself which is the epitome of a leader.
Faith, God has amazing plans for you and I can say with confidence that you can and will be anything that you set her heart, mind, and soul to.  I thank you for your commitment, your heart, and your desire to be the best person you can be.  You are and will be a success  wherever God takes you.  I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have been a part of your life, Faith, and be a small part of your high school memories.  You have a place in my heart, my memories, and life.  I wish you joy, love, and success.  I love you, Faith.
God Bless,
Coach Craig Moss

Cameron Turpin


It is my pleasure and honor to write about Maid Cameron Turpin for the 2021 Cedar Creek Homecoming Court. I have known Cameron for several years and, honestly, one of the best ways for me to describe her is thoughtful and deliberate. Why did I choose those words? Why didn’t I choose words such as beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, considerate, or carefree when describing her? Cameron is, unquestionably, each one of those words. She is indeed beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, considerate, and carefree.
However, to be thoughtful is to “show careful consideration or attention” and to be deliberate is to “do or act in a careful and unhurried way” and Cameron is both thoughtful and deliberate in all that she does.
Cameron is a natural leader because she is careful with her actions and her words. Her equanimous nature provides her the opportunity to see the bigger picture prompting her to make sound decisions that help her reach her goals or enable her to find a solution to any given problem or issue. Cameron is a good friend because she is considerate and attentive to the needs and feelings of her family, friends, and peers. She is witty and just fun to be around!
Cameron is intelligent and driven because she does not give up or give in when presented with challenge. Rather, she is unhurried in her thoughts and ideas; and her calm, rational, pragmatic thinking help her achieve great success academically. All these qualities are wonderful and will act like wings helping her soar into her bright future. Cameron, you are the embodiment of Super Omnia. Congratulations on being chosen for the 2021 Homecoming Court.
Oh, and Cameron… this quote is for you. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman. 
With much love,
Jennifer Haley


Riley Patterson


I feel so honored to have been asked to write about Riley. I had the pleasure of having Riley in my class last year. As a new teacher at Cedar Creek, I was anxious about what the school year would bring, knowing it would be a challenging year for everyone involved with education.  There were new procedures, protocols, and expectations. I can still remember Riley walking into my classroom on the first day of school with her bright smile and sweet presence. Much to my delight she entered my room every day with that same smile and a purpose. She is what you would describe as a teacher’s dream student. Riley is goal-oriented, proactive, and adaptable. She comes to class every day prepared to work hard and accomplish her goals.
Riley is not only an amazing student, she is also a leader on campus. Riley is involved in many extracurricular activities including Quota Club, National Honor Society, FCA, and Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders. Riley’s friendly personality makes her someone everyone wants to be around. She is a genuine person who truly embodies what it means to be a friend. She is always willing to help anyone and can find the good in everyone. Riley is certainly intelligent and beautiful, but behind that bright smile is what is more important--a heart of gold.
Riley, I pray that throughout your life you know what amazing plans God has in store for you. I am so thankful you were my student and look forward to watching your future unfold. When I was a senior in high school, I had Jeremiah 29:11 prayed over me, and it has remained a favorite verse of mine that has given me comfort and assurance throughout my life. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I am certain you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your work ethic, personality, and relationship with God will carry you all your days. Congratulations on being selected to the 2021 Homecoming Court. Enjoy this week and cherish every second. These are the days you will remember years from now with a smile.
Mrs. Alexander


Millie Venters


M – Motivated

Where do I begin to describe some highlights of the time I have spent with Millie?  The most outstanding characteristic in my mind is her motivation and drive to tackle tough assignments or tasks and persevere until the finished product meets her high standards--never satisfied with less than the best!

I  - Intelligent

I don’t know of anyone who has ever questioned Millie’s intelligence.  She has that inner desire to find out about things that are not her natural gifts but uses her abilities in a way that optimizes everything else.  She is always smart enough to find the best way to learn whatever she needs to know. With a goal of working in a health profession, I am sure that her intelligence will make her one of the best.

L – Loving

I see Millie as a very loving and compassionate young lady especially with her family.  I see evidence of this with her mom and her siblings and her grandparents.  I see the same traits with her friends and teammates.  I know she cares deeply about her relationship with her teachers, and that is such a blessing to those of us who teach her!  But above all she loves the Lord and draws strength from that relationship.

L – Loyalty

Every observation I have ever made of Millie when she is participating in a sporting event has shown her loyalty toward her school and her teammates.  In basketball games she is so unselfish and does all the little things that contribute to the success of others for the good of the team.  Watching her play for the past three years has been fun, and I can’t wait to watch the senior season of basketball!  When she is leading the cheers with the Varsity cheer squad she is attentive to her partners and makes sure that everyone is safe on every stunt.  She is certainly setting a great example of what it means to be loyal to your school in all situations!

I – Impressionant (written by Millie’s favorite French teacher)

A French word meaning someone who is awe-inspiring, who makes an impression…As with the other wonderful Venters girls, it is Millie who has made such an everlasting impression on me. She has a heart of gold that shines through every day. Whenever I see Millie, she gives me a hug and a smile, and she simply makes my day that much better.  With her graciousness and her warm heart, it is Millie’s humbleness that makes me realize that she is truly genuine. When she makes you her friend you know that you will be loved forever.  Millie will be remembered by the traces of kindness she has left at Cedar Creek and the impressions she has made upon her teachers.

E – Eager

Eager to please, eager to finish, eager to excel; these phrases all apply to Millie.  This is definitely a quality that endears Millie to me.  In many ways she reminds me of my high school days and the way that I approached everything in those years long ago!  I am so proud of you, Millie, and have loved teaching you and count you as a friend.  This is your week to shine and cherish the many memories.  I love you and wish you a dynamic senior year!

Marilyn Hyams and Stephanie Viator



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