Middle School

integers 4.jpgAt Cedar Creek, our strong Middle School curriculum lays a foundation for the challenges of high school and beyond. We also strive to make our Middle School a nurturing transition from elementary school to the rigorous demands of high school.

Our Middle School curriculum features traditional, departmentalized courses of study in all of the major academic areas. We focus on balancing basic skills development through our formal curriculum with the enrichment and exploratory opportunities so important to early adolescent social, emotional and physical growth.

Beginning in the sixth grade, Cedar Creek integrages 1:1 iPads into its curriculum, with teachers and students using essential technology tools for 21st century learning.

Through a carefully planned and well-supervised program of extra-curricular activities, students are guided to develop social and leadership skills and to make thoughtful and moral decisions in their daily lives.

In the Middle School, this is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Our teachers model teamwork by working in grade level teams to plan an advisory program, interdisciplinary projects, and other class activities. Each middle school student is a part of a small advisory group. This program is designed to be a two-way communication process that helps build relationships among students and teachers.

Along with peer-to-peer discussions of social and emotional issues that are unique to the junior high school student, advisory groups focus on important study skills that help our students prepare for the rigors of the curricular requirements for their grade. The groups meet formally every month and teachers and students form relationships that are strengthened daily.

Class trips are a big part of the Middle School experience. Sixth grade students travel to Dallas to experience Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

Our seventh graders travel to Vicksburg to tour the battlefields and Poverty Point to learn about the rich history of this part of the country.

In eighth grade, the students take a three-day tour of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and other parts of South Louisiana. They learn about the many interesting cultures and history that make Louisiana so unique.

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