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Cougar Achievements

Literary and Music Rally

We are extremely proud of all of our Cedar Creek delegates and want to especially congratulate the following Division IV winners who have earned an invitation to State Literary Rally on Saturday, April 9, at LSU in Baton Rouge.




Caden Middleton - Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus) - 3rd place

Jack Ensminger - Advanced Math (Functions & Statistics) - 1st place

Hayes Bridges - Algebra II - 2nd place

Zoe Graham - Calculus - 2nd place

Leah Sutherland - Geometry - 1st place



Quincy Lewis - Agriscience I - 2nd place

McKenzie Jones - Biology I - 2nd place

Devika Dua - Biology II - 1st place

Lawson Lillo - Chemistry - 2nd place

Colton Kent - Environmental Science - 2nd place

Nolan Martin - Physical Science - 1st place

W Wells - Physics - 1st place



Millie Venters - Civics - 1st place

Tate Farrar - US History - 2nd place

John Brody Mayzel - World Geography - 1st place



Bailey Anne Adams - English II - 1st place

Mason Bosch - English III - 1st place

Cameron Turpin - English IV - 1st place

Taylor Dement - English Literature* - 3rd place

Evie Stake - English Pronunciation* - 3rd place

Zoey Venters - Spelling 9* - 1st place

Lindsey Osafo - Spelling 10* - 1st place

Annie Jones - Spelling 11* - 1st place

*District competition only



Allie Jones - French I - 1st place

Harper Nguyen - French II - 1st place

Reagan Nguyen - French III - 1st place

Connor Norris - Spanish III - 1st place

Sophia Parkman - Spanish IV - 1st place



Ethan Rugg - Accounting - 1st place

Nathan Gremillion - Computer Science - 1st place

Morgan Byrnes - Financial Literacy - 1st place

Kate Harris - Introduction to Business Computer Applications - 2nd place

Kate Myers - Journalism - 1st place

Bryce Rushing - Principles of Business - 1st place


Congratulations, also, to our Music Rally representatives! We are impressed with their talents and the fact that every student earned a "Superior" rating for their performances at LA Tech.Musicrally.jpeg

Boy's Solo, High Voice
Mason Bosch*
Gabe Garcia
Adrian Lamkin*
Boy's Solo, Low Voice
Hayes Bridges*
John Abram Earle*
Cole Morganthall
Girl's Solo, High Voice
Mia Graham*
Ava James*
Laina Parkman
Girl's Solo, Low Voice
Molli McCready
Allie Rugg*
Millie Venters*
Girls Trio
Harper Nguyen^*
Adrianna Robbins^*
Millie Venters^*
Boys Quartet
Hayes Bridges*
John Abram Earle*
Adrian Lamkin*
Cole Morganthall*
Mixed Quartet
John Abram Earle^*
Adrian Lamkin^*
Laina Parkman^*
Millie Venters^*
Piano Solo
Devika Dua^
Rosemary Sewell
^Honors Recital

*State Rally Invitation


For more information, visit  Cedar Creek School was named the Sweepstakes Winner for Division IV for the 17th year in a row.







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