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Teacher Spotlight - Marilyn Hyams

January 7, 2021

"Love my students and their enthusiasm for life and learning," Cedar Creek math instructor Marilyn Hyams said of what motivates her as an educator. Hyams has been teaching mathematics for a remarkable 41 years, with 18 of those years on our campus. Hyams, who holds a B.S. in Math Education from Louisiana Tech University and a MEd in Math/Media Education from the University of Monroe, teaches high school geometry, Algebra II, and advanced math at Cedar Creek. Her professional career (she is also certified in physical science and chemistry) includes early experience as a graduate assistant in ULM's Department of Mathematics and 20 years teaching grades 7-12 at Choudrant High School. Hyams is a favorite among Cedar Creek students and colleagues, and she recently learned just how much when Hurricane Laura inflicted significant damage to her house and yard. After hearing the news, a group of students quickly organized themselves into a work crew and showed up at Hyams' house to clear the trees. Hyams talked about the touching gesture in a recent interview with The Ruston Daily Leader. "They came around the corner of the house and just kept coming," Hyams said. There were 21 of them ... all with a big grin on their face." Hyams is married to Bill, and the active couple enjoys hiking and visiting national parks. Marilyn and Bill have two grown children and five grandchildren, two of whom are Cedar Creek graduates. Hyams said of the Creek experience, "The students and faculty here are like a second family, a secure and safe place to be loved every day." Hyams said she looks forward to many more years of working with her beloved students. "I can't imagine every being anything but a teacher," she said, "and if someone can show me where to find the magic waters of the fountain of youth, I will teach forever!" 

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