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Music Rally 2022

April 11, 2022

Congratulations, also, to our Music Rally representatives! We are impressed with their talents and the fact that every student earned a "Superior" rating for their performances at LA Tech.

Boy's Solo, High Voice

  • Mason Bosch*
  • Gabe Garcia
  • Adrian Lamkin*

Boy's Solo, Low Voice

  • Hayes Bridges*
  • John Abram Earle*
  • Cole Morganthall

Girl's Solo, High Voice

  • Mia Graham*
  • Ava James*
  • Laina Parkman

Girl's Solo, Low Voice

  • Molli McCready
  • Allie Rugg*
  • Millie Venters*

Girls Trio

  • Harper Nguyen^*
  • Adrianna Robbins^*
  • Millie Venters^*

Boys Quartet

  • Hayes Bridges*
  • John Abram Earle*
  • Adrian Lamkin*
  • Cole Morganthall*

Mixed Quartet

  • John Abram Earle^*
  • Adrian Lamkin^*
  • Laina Parkman^*
  • Millie Venters^*

Piano Solo

  • Devika Dua^
  • Rosemary Sewell

^Honors Recital
*State Rally Invitation


For more information, visit  Cedar Creek School was named the Sweepstakes Winner for Division IV for the 17th year in a row.

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