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First-rate blog

January 29, 2015

Blog (/bläɡ/) A shortened version of the word “weblog”; a regularly updated website or web page, written in an information or conversational style.

When we envision who writes blogs, we might see in our minds a tech guy sharing information about the newest software or a expert on the best way to cook coq au vin.

At Cedar Creeks, it’s our first graders.

Teachers Michal Jean Storms and Shirley Owens have started Kidblog!, a chance for their students to express themselves in this new form of communication.

On their blogs, students might share a photo of their favorite phonogram or an entry about the latest book they’re reading. Fellow classmates will add their comments to another’s blog.

“They're posting something new every week,” Storms said. “The students are getting more independent with the blogs day by day, and so I am expecting us to have some more of their own work soon!”

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